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The Sexiest Phrase In The Business Dictionary?

Sustainable Business Growth.

Rock. You. Hard Place:

Every Single Time You Show Up In Your Business For One Activity, Another One Gets Left Behind.

That’s the catch 22 when you run a business.

You’re the owner, the salesperson, the marketer, the customer service rep + the expert.

No wonder your to-do list never gets done.

No wonder you’re chasing your tail constantly.

No wonder you’ve got no time to grow your business.

This one person show isn’t fun anymore.

It sucks to watch. Yep, I’m stalking you.

And it sucks to run. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The bad news:

You’ve done all you can. You’ve gotten as far as you can go without sacrificing your sanity (although let’s get real, sleep? What is sleep? You’ve been working late nights for how long now?)

By solopreneur standards, you are successful.

But this is as big as you’re ever going to get flying solo.

It doesn’t matter how many times you pray to the almighty Time God, time won’t stop to give you a week, or 3 years to play catch up and get all the things done.

The good news:

This is only the beginning of your business journey.

With the right team, you’ll turn your budding business into a profit powerhouse.

With the right support, you’ll turn your baby business into a serious making making machine.

With the right strategy + implementation, you’ll turn your breakable business into your very own empire.

You’ve Got The Exact Same Hours In The Day As Beyonce.

The Only Reason She Gets It Done Is Is Because She Hires Help.

Become The Beyonce Of Your Business And Grow Your Small Time Business Into Your Empire.

Marketing campaigns that actually make you money instead of spending it with no return.

State of the art Facebook advertising + sales funnels that skyrocket your revenue instead of becoming a expense.

Simple systems that onboard your clients on autopilot instead of the back and forth emails that take up your entire day.

Done-for-you staffing strategies to bring on support staff instead of spending hours writing up position descriptions and interviewing candidates.

Quarterly action plans + launches that actually get executed instead of wishfully thinking you’ll have time to do all the things.

I’ve got what you need.

How My Packages Work:

My brain and my body.

Strategy and implementation.

It’s not one or the other.

We’re a team.

Let me get it done for you. Today.

Your business is as unique as your fingerprints which means each package is perfectly customized to your business needs.

Book in your 15 consult and let’s discuss how I can help you grow your business without growing a brain tumor.

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Stay In Your Zone Of Genius.

That’s Where Your Profit’s At.

Done for You Facebook Ad Campaign Set up and Monitoring

  • Strategy call to identify your business needs and goals.
  • In-depth target market research to identify your ideal Facebook Audience
  • Ad Creative (Image and Copy)
  • Set up your Facebook Campaign & Ads.
  • Performance monitoring and optimization.
  • Wrap up report and next step recommendations
    • 30 Day engagement
    • Media/Ad spend is additional

This is for you if you are:

  • New to Facebook Ads and need some experience & results before you craft an entire strategy.
  • Have experimented with Facebook Ads and are not getting the results you desire.
  • Have a specific goal (new product, list building, awareness) and need help.


Audience Growth & Sales Funnel Strategy

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to grow your audience with Facebook Ads
  • List building tactics and plan
  • Landing Page and Optin Recommendation
  • Sales Funnel Strategy
  • May include other Social Media Platforms (if appropriate for your goals & target)

This is for you:

  • You know who your ideal audience is but you have no idea how to reach them.
  • You know your audience is on Facebook and you want guidance on how to use all the awesome Facebook advertising tools – which types of ads to use, how to create audience & tracking pixels, how to leverage your website traffic etc.
  • You want more than an advertising campaign, you want a road map of how to generate awareness among your target that ultimately leads to sales conversions.
  • You want to build your list.
  • 4 strategy sessions + 1 Facebook Advertising Campaign


Business Acceleration Partner

Your business is in place and you want more & better & faster.  More clients, more revenue, more profit, more products, better content, more email list growth.  

You want rapid growth and you are not sure what that entails, how to do it or if you can even move it forward.  Or maybe you don’t know why your customers are not buying.  

I provide the eagle eye and deep analysis to help you determine how you should grow your business. Depending on the strategy we develop I will also help craft an action plan with the exact steps you need to take including resources, technology & services required.    And I also provide an abundance of that magic ingredient, accountability.

  • 10 strategy/accountability sessions
  • 2 Facebook Ads Campaigns
  • Email support throughout our sessions