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Are you selling products and can’t figure out why you never have any money.  Do you see all the sexy ways other marketers are growing their businesses and want in on the action.  Are you looking to make your life a lot easier.

I can help you.  I started a jewelry design & manufacturing business and ran it successfully for 14 years.  I know the in’s and outs of running a business with inventory.

Product businesses are a different animal than service businesses.   A lot more attention to financial planning, cost structure and sourcing/manufacturing is required.   And when a product business grows there is never enough cash because your cash is funding your growth.  It can be a dizzying cycle.  I know because I’ve been there.

However, when combined with online marketing genius (SEO, optins, webinars, advertising, PR etc) and leveraging existing marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy, you can create a powerhouse brand.  And the gold mine of product businesses is that it is hella easier to scale once you get “there”.

How do you get “There”?

Depending on where you are in the growth curve we develop a plan to get you to your next milestone.  This can be purely product sourcing, financial planning or marketing tactics.   Or it can be a combination of all these.  Like snowflakes, your business is unique and so is your growth strategy.  It takes some in-depth analysis and thought to determine the most effective strategy to growing your product business.

You see a lot of service businesses engaging optins, webinars and other social media strategies to attract clients and grow their business.  And you are scratching your head and wondering how on earth can it work for your business.   And could I just create an e-book that I can sell.  Well, yes you can.


Intake session

4 strategy/accountability sessions

Email support throughout our sessions


Done for you Financial modeling – $1,000

  • I will create your cash flow models, pricing models and P&L and teach you how to use these tools)

Develop passive income streams

Create optins

Use Webinars to promote your business