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You know that you need advertising to grow your list, your business, promote your programs and have no idea how to do it.  Scared of blowing all your money and getting nothing from it.  Need help implementing your Facebook Ads?  You have Facebook Ads running and have no idea how to optimize them or make them better?

I can help you.  I’ve spent years promoting my business using Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.    And I have also worked extensively developing large budget television and print advertising campaigns.  I get advertising and I understand the elements of persuasive ads.

Services offered:

Implementation & Monitoring

Implement your ads in Facebook and provide results so you can make changes etc.   You provide the ad copy, image demographics, audiences/target information.  I implement and fine tune the ads for you.

Audience/Demographic Development

Determine the target audience for your advertising

Advertising Development

Assist you in developing copy and images