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Feeling stuck in your business?  Hit a plateau?  Can’t figure out to get it to grow?  You’ve tried everything and your not sure what is really working.

You’ve listened to a boatload of podcasts, watched oodles of webinars and even plunked down money on courses.   There are so many different strategies, tactics and business building tools out there that sometimes it makes your head spin.  If only there was a way to know where you should focus your efforts for maximum return.

I’m can change that.

I started jewelry design & manufacturing business from scratch and used Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads very successfully to build revenues.  Being an early advertiser in both those platforms I have not only seen a lot of changes, I know them intimately – how they work & don’t work.   As a ravenous learner, I stay abreast on the latest trends and changes.

Done for You Facebook Ad Campaign Set up and Monitoring

  • Set up your Campaign & Ads in the Power Editor
  • Find Facebook Audiences that match your target
  • Provide guidance for ad creative (copy, images) and landing pages
  • Monitor your Ads and make recommendations/changes to improve performance.

This is for you if you are:

  • New to Facebook Ads and need some experience & results before you craft an entire strategy.
  • Have experimented with Facebook Ads and are not getting the results you desire.
  • Have a specific goal (new product, launch etc) and need help.


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Facebook Audience Creation & Sales Funnel Strategy

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to build your Audience
  • List building tactics and plan
  • Landing Page and Optin Strategy
  • Website Traffic builders
  • Sales Funnel Outline
  • May include other Social Media Platforms (if appropriate for your goals & target)

This is for you:

  • You know who your ideal audience is but you have no idea how to reach them.
  • You know your audience is on Facebook and you want guidance on how to use all the awesome Facebook advertising tools – which types of ads to use, how to create audience & tracking pixels, how to leverage your website traffic etc.
  • You want more than an advertising campaign, you want a road map of how to generate awareness among your target that ultimately leads to sales conversions.
  • 5 strategy sessions + 1 Facebook Advertising Campaign.


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Full on Business Acceleration

Your business is in place and you want more & better.  So much more.  More clients, more revenue, more profit, more products, better content, more email list growth.  You want rapid growth and you are not sure what that entails, how to do it or if you can even move it forward.  Or maybe you don’t know why your customers are not buying.  

I provide the eagle eye and deep analysis to help you determine how you should grow your business. Depending on the strategy we develop I will also help craft an action plan with the exact steps you need to take including resources, technology & services required.    And I also provide an abundance of that magic ingredient, accountability.

  • Intake session
  • 10 strategy/accountability sessions
  • 3 Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Email support throughout our sessions


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