The 3 M’s for 2016

Happy New Year from KLO!

Whooaaa …. 2015 was a whirlwind and I’m eternally thankful to all of you who made it possible.

I launched Kathy Lo Knows to help entrepreneurs like yourself accelerate their businesses. It was a year of discovering of where I can best serve.

I worked on a wide range of projects from strategic planning to product sourcing and whole lot of Facebook advertising campaigns.

Surprisingly, what I’ve found is that I am really, really good at stuff most don’t like. You know what I mean, the financial planning, the spreadsheets, the analysis … usually situations where a lot of math is involved. I love getting deep and dirty in the numbers to figure out how a business can rapidly grow and make money.

I know these types of projects may sound super boring. Actually you are probably cringing just reading this, right (and wondering how can anyone get so excited by these things). You are in luck because I’m here to gladly take them off your plate and make your business and your life so much better.

When I whip out my crystal ball to see what’s in store for 2016. Secret admission, while I may dig numbers, analysis & spreadsheets, my psychic powers rule above all else.

For 2016 I’m seeing’ 3 M’s ..

Moolah! Lots of it .. for you! Here’s how:

Big picture, strategy consulting – I offer you first-class strategic support for business planning, customer acquisition, financial analysis, new product development and launching. If your business needs to grow I help you determine how to do it effectively and efficiently.

Facebook Advertising – Done for you Facebook Advertising Campaign Creation and Monitoring. Currently Facebook is a goldmine for raising brand awareness, acquiring leads and making online sales. The targeting possibilities are mind boggling and there is still plenty of opportunity for small businesses. Facebook can also be a minefield because of the constant changes and inherent system complexities. I am committed to continuously improving my skills & knowledge so that my clients receive cutting edge solutions and well informed recommendations.

VIP Experiences or Elbow to Elbow or Money to Mouth … I’ve haven’t named this one yet but what I’m doing is partnering with a few clients. I am going deep into their business working elbow to elbow to develop and execute their strategies. I’m super excited about this because I get to make sure that the recommendations I make actually work. So I’m putting my money where my mouth is, right?.

The next M: Mac – n – cheese!

Yep, looks like my shameless love affair with mac-n-cheese continues throughout 2016. Ooey, gooey and good. While I delight in all kinds of foods and cuisines, Mac-n-cheese is my super secret bff (please, please don’t tell the oysters or the fried chicken or the panna cotta).

Here’s some I’m going to try out soon.   And I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of each.

The 3rd M: Morocco

This one’s still a bit fuzzy. A biking trip in Morocco perhaps. Maybe the Spring. Cycling in beautiful places is one of my all time passions (particularly when there’s good food & drink involved as well). Exploring a foreign destination by bike offers an unmatched opportunity to deeply experience a culture, the people and the terrain.

Wait … the crystal ball is giving me one more….


It’s a reminder to recall the moments of magic. In the midst of contemplating the new year and all we want to change and improve it’s important to remember what we have accomplished.

Celebrate your victories and your triumphs from the past year. Applaud your attempts even if some of your endeavors didn’t turn out exactly the way you hoped.

Most importantly, savor those instances that don’t need any improvement; the perfect summer sunset or the wide smile on your kid’s face or even an unexpected extra helping of mac-n-cheese.

Many wishes for a happy New Year and creating more Magic & Moolah in 2016.


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