Starting the Car

Everyone says the best way to beat Procrastination is to just get started.  Once you get started there will be so much momentum that you can’t just help but finish.

It sounds sooooo easy.  Just get started.

Just get started … like starting a car.  Put the keys in the ignition (assuming you can find your keys of course) and start turning the keys clockwise to engage the ignition.

Voila … you’ve started.

If only it were that easy.

Yeah, if only it was a matter of finding your keys.

Turns out … starting is a whole heck of a lot harder than that.


Because we have brains.

Aren’t brains good things?

Yes, brains for the most part are very good things.   And sometimes good things also come with bad things.

On occasion our brains can tell us some bad things.  A lot of bad things.

“..why start, I don’t have enough time to finish…”

“… this is just such a waste of time, no one is going to read what I write…”

“…first I have to clean up my desk, I can’t work with a messy desk …”

“…that idea you had last week, the one you were really fired up about; turns out that is a baaaad idea.  I read an article on some site about it….”

Given enough time your brains will come up with so many excuses, stories and reasons for not starting (and do something else).

What’s the answer?   The answer is to be like the car.

The car just starts.  You put the keys in the ignition and it starts.   There is no whining about how cold it is outside or that its tires are low on tread or that it is messy or that there is coffee spilled all over the front seat or that it could really use an oil change or that the sun is shining making it difficult to see or that a tail light is out or that there are 5 insurance cards in the glove box (and only one is valid) or there ideally be more gas in the tank.

The car does none of this even though the car really does have a lot of valid reasons for not starting.

The car keeps starting unless of course there is something really, really wrong.

And that is the mindset you need,  which frankly is to have no mind.  No thoughts, no wandering fantasies, no last minute ideas.  You start … just like a car, every project, task, assignment just like the car without excuses, reasons, pushback.  ( Unless of course something is really, really wrong.  And in that case you have reason to delay.   What is something is really, really wrong everyday?   That we will tackle for another day.

Until then, be like the car and just start … no matter what.


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