Raw and Ugly ….

Not hamburger meat, sushi or road kill … it’s your idea starting to form.

And it’s ugly, really ugly.

In your mind it was so utterly beautiful.  All shiny and perfect.  Everything looked great, sounded great, tasted great.   In your mind everything is perfect.  So lovingly perfect.

So what happened?

You started to make it real. That’s what happened? And then the proverbial stuff hits the fan.  When the idea starts to form .. when you start to write that first sentence, take that first brushstroke, that first minute on treadmill.   When the rubber meets the road and you really start to execute your ideas.

It just is never very pretty.  It hurts, it is painful, it is ugly.   And it feels it will never get any better.

And it won’t.  It won’t get any better until you do one thing.

Keep going.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a project, a task, an idea with the greatest of intentions and expectations.   And once I’m in … oh boy it is painful.  Who thought of this?  And I want to give up.   And often times I do.

When I stick to the game though something magical happens.  Somehow it gets easier, it gets better, it doesn’t feel as offensive … and once it a while it even reaches the perfection that I pictured in my mind.   Not always though (no white washing over this).   And sometimes the result while different is even better than what my mind envisioned.

The answer is to just take one more tiny step.   Even if it is raw and ugly.   Remind yourself it can only get less ugly.


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