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Looking to Build and Grow your Product Business?

I’ve run a successful jewelry business for the past 13 years requiring product development, in-house manufacturing capability, vendor identification, product sourcing and outsourcing manufacturing.

I have the experience to you help evaluate capital cost startup analyses, product development, sourcing, inventory and production.  Importantly, I can help you create the financial models to make sound business decisions.

I am also skilled in identifying unique technologies.  For my jewelry business I applied a technology not commonly used in the jewelry industry to create a manufacturing process that yielded several unique and successful product lines.

I am familiar with industry best practices having worked at large consumer packaged goods companies.

I understand the unique challenges of running a business with inventory!

And I can assist you in integrating products into your service business if you are looking to grow your revenue streams.  Or services into your product business.  Or peanut butter in your chocolate ….