Yes, you can do it!   (You’ve got this).

You can finally say goodbye to the extra lbs that have been hanging around way too long.

Can you imagine –  feeling more confident, fitting into your skinny jeans, and loving the reflection in the mirror.

What would life look like in 12 weeks – 23lbs thinner and the tools to keep it off for good? (LL study)

Losing weight isn’t as easy as it used to be.  If you feel like these days it’s getting harder to keep the weight off, you are right.

All that changes with LiveLight <get your free LiveLight consultation>

Whether you’ve tried everything or barely able to stick to a diet for a few days before giving up; one thing is for sure:

The LiveLight Program can work for you. Because it’s personalized for you and your body’s exact metabolism.

We all know what a battle it is to start losing weight.

Your body fights back by slowing its metabolism and making you more hungry. This uncontrolled hunger and slower metabolism makes it hard to lose weight.  This phenomenon is real and not just a bunch of excuses for why you can’t lose weight quickly.  

Dr. Brad Rabin, a Stanford University trained doctor, creator of the LiveLight program, has seen first hand how his patients wrestled with this metabolism-hunger issue.  He witnessed the emotional struggle his patients have experienced trying to lose weight as well as the impact on their health and personal lives.

 Dr. Rabin decided to do something about it.

Through years of research and extensive experimentation, he developed an innovative approach based on each individual’s biology and metabolism. The result is LiveLight which combines extensive understanding of metabolic biology and the behavior science of weight loss success. It is a highly effective weight loss program because is it based on the understanding that each person’s body is different.  

LiveLight addresses metabolism and appetite control by utilizing a patented personalized formulation of a safe, FDA approved prescription drug <phentermine> while teaching participants how to change their lifestyle and create healthy habits. The amount of medication prescribed is customized based on your individual biology and metabolism.  This personalized dosing also reduces the potential for side effects.

Using a companion Smartphone app to record your hunger and weight daily, your information is analyzed and the dosage adjusted continuously to ensure healthy weight loss. You never need to visit an office or attend a meeting to enjoy rapid, healthy weight loss while receiving the support you want to achieve your goals.  Your daily information is monitored and the LiveLight team checks in with you regularly to make sure you stay on track.

Every 2 weeks your personalized prescription is shipped directly to your home.  While taking the medication you are also directed on a healthy high fiber/high protein diet.  It’s simple to follow and you are provided support, shopping lists and recipes.  This lays the foundation for healthy habits that enable you to lose weight and keep it off.

Dr. Rabin loves watching the transformation that happens to his LiveLight patients.all the while knowing women are finally reaching their dreams and achieving their weight loss goals the best way possible. (Check research testimonial talking about how much Brad cares about patients success)

LiveLight is about safe, healthy weight loss and arriving at your personal goals.

23lbs in 12 weeks.

This is the average amount of pounds lost by Dr. Rabin’s patients while on the LiveLight Program

Dr. Rabin has spent years building a thriving practice filled with success stories of people just like you.

I have been very successful over the past several months on this weight loss program, with its physician monitoring and weekly feedback.

Once the weight starts to come off, and you see results … it’s fabulous.

– Stephanie, LiveLight Member

 The LiveLight weight loss program was a wild success for me. Before joining LiveLight, I made numerous half-hearted attempts to lose weight over the past 5 years or so and failed. LiveLight has a number of reinforcing elements which, when combined, really work for me.

-Carol, LiveLight Member

I am really proud that I have lost 42 pounds on the LiveLight weight loss program.

It is extremely motivational to have to check in with a physician every day online and record current weight, items eaten off the plan, and how much exercise done. Otherwise, it would be too easy just to let things slide and not really stick to the regimen. I felt that there was commitment on the doctor’s part because I was getting weekly feedback and personal tips.

-Patricia, LiveLight Member

Schedule your free consultation and never feel alone and trapped in the cycle of endless yo-yo dieting—ever again.

This consultation confirms that you are a good fit for the LiveLight Program.  You get all your questions answered so you’re ready to start your new healthy life.

LiveLight is only accepting 20 new patients for the month of August.

With LiveLight we combine personalized attention and support, medical science, a caring and private community of members to share your success, and the easy to use mobile app.

In just 12 short weeks you can permanently transform your body and finally reach your weight loss goals. All under the close guidance of a physician who has a proven record of success. 23lbs in 12 weeks

We are committed to the long-term weight loss of our members.  After you finish the program, we monitor your weight and health monthly. If you need the help we’re there for you.

Only $195/ month.  While the average member goes through the program in 6-9 months, your unique experience will determine how long you spend in each phase.

You commit to only one month at a time.  Your monthly subscription includes daily use of the mobile app, weekly physician coaching, and the custom-formulated prescription delivered to you.

Receive your free consultation and start living your new healthy life, now.

*This is a medical weight loss program.  Medical Reimbursement (accept FSA/ HSA, Insurance) may apply and you should need to check with your insurance provider.