How to Install the Facebook Pixel – The Easiest Guide Ever

“The Facebook Pixel” ….  It sounds soooo complicated and scary.  Have no fear!

Here’s the easiest step-by-step guide for getting your Facebook Pixel onto your website.

In a nutshell, the FB Pixel is a small piece of code that is installed on your website.  Facebook uses the code to track your visitors’ behavior so that it can optimize your advertising.

The first order of business is obtaining your unique Facebook Pixel Code.

Step #1 

First, go to your Ads Manager.  Look for the triangle in the upper of the blue bar on Facebook.  Pull it down and Select “Manage Ads”


Step #2

This will take you to the Ads Manager.  Click on the three lines in the upper left hand corner.  A menu will fly out.  From this menu, choose “Pixels” under the “Assets” tab.

Step #3

If your Pixel has never been created you will see this screen:

Click on  the green “Create Pixel” button and Facebook will walk you through the steps to get your “Facebook Base Pixel Code”

(Here’s a quick video if you want to see what will happen once you click on “Create Pixel”)

Note: only one Facebook Pixel is created per ad account.  If you manage multiple websites you will use the same FB Pixel on your websites.  Don’t worry, you will be able to separate the traffic out.

Step #4

If your Facebook Pixel has already been created, when you click on “Pixels” in the top menu, you will be offered the option of the “Facebook Pixel” or the “Conversion Tracking Pixel”.  Choose the Facebook Pixel and under “Actions” select “View Pixel Code”

Clicking “View Pixel Code” provides three options:

1. Install Pixel Base Code

2. Install Event Code

3. Check Pixel Status

Choose “Install Pixel Base Code”

Your Facebook Base Pixel Code will be presented and it will look like this:

The code in the block is your Facebook Base Pixel  (whoop!).  Click on the block and it’s automatically copied to your clipboard.

Step #5

Now that you have your Facebook Base Pixel, it’s time to place on your website.  You will also want to place it on any other web pages that you send traffic to such as Lead Pages or ClickFunnels.

The Facebook Pixel needs to be placed on every page on your website between the <head> and the </head> section.  How this is done depends on your specific website.

WordPress Sites

If your theme has a “Theme Options” section, this is where you can place third party code.

Alternatively there is a plugin that will do the job for you:

Square Space

In your SquareSpace account, open the menu and select Settings > Advanced > Code Injection.  And then add the FB pixel code to the “Header” section.


For Shopify you will only need your Facebook Pixel ID to set up your Facebook Base Pixel and Facebook Events.

In the Shopify admin, select “Online Store”, and then”Preferences”

Find the Facebook Pixel section, and then enter your Facebook Pixel ID:

If you have any questions or can’t figure out how to place it on your website, please reach out.


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