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Instagram has been testing advertising for the past two years.  This has been limited to big brands/large budgets are who are primarily interested in reach and brand building.  As Facebook/Instagram tested and refined the IG advertising product they also developed advertising solutions that are more suitable for small businesses – advanced targeting options (similar to Facebook ads) and a range of Call to Action options.

I was on a developer’s call and here are the key takeaways from the call.  They are in no particular order.

I have not advertised on Instagram yet but will definitely be testing the platform.  If you have done it let me know your experiences.

Instagram/IG ads are available to every country/every developer (in the API – this is the tool developers use to access the Facebook advertising platform) by September 30, 2015.   Instagram ads will be available in the Power Editor and the Ads Manager by Q4 2015.

  • As an advertiser you have the option to run multi-placement ads for both FB and IG.  This is similar to how you can determine if your ad runs on the Desktop, the Mobile newsfeed etc.  IG will be another placement option.
  • Ads that run exclusively on Instagram will be available.
  • Same targeting/Custom Audience/conversion pixels as Facebook advertising so no additional work there.
  • The only IG users right now that will see Instagram ads are those who also have a Facebook account.
  • Targeting capabilities will be the same as Facebook ad targeting capabilities — so no hashtag targeting right now.  Maybe someday.
  • IG Campaigns objectives are limited to:
    Website clicks (video and photo with links).
    Mobile installs (video and photo with links)
    :30 sec video limit.
  • Text limit for ad is 300 characters however they are recommending 175 characters (this is based on their testing).
  • Carousel/ Multi product image Ads (w/CTA’s and links on first image) are coming soon.
  • Text Overlay (20%) on ad is same as FB rule.  Use the Facebook grid tool to make sure your ad image meets this rule.
  • Remarketing using Website Custom Audience pixel is available now.  Remarketing with Video Views will available in Q4.
  • Pricing – attempting to be at parity with FB auctions. Fixed bid pricing is available.
  • There is a daily frequency cap with IG ads. It is conservative and it is a secret since they are still testing/evolving it.
  • There will be relevancy scores for Instagram ads just like FB.  Find them in the Ads Manager or the API.
  • There will be a reach/frequency option for Instagram ads (just like FB) expect it Q4.
  • No plans for clickable links in Iinstagram descriptions.
  • Instagram will be introducing a “Marquee” ad product which is designed for advertisers who want to read a wide audience quickly with :30 second videos.  Marquee will most likely be used for large product launches, movie premieres and holiday intensive messaging.



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