Hump Day – the Most Likely Day to Procrastinate?

I’m going to make a bold statement, Wednesday is the day most people procrastinate.   I don’t have any data to back this up.  I can’t find any supporting studies or evidence for support.  I can’t even find anything anecdotal out there.  It seems like no one has even considered this question.

Monday is that day of to-do lists, outsized goal setting for the week.  The week is wide open and there plenty of time to get projects done, tasks accomplished and items checked.  A few unexpected things pop up but nothing you can’t handle because you are working on maximum efficiency.

By Tuesday you are knee deep in those projects yet also the distractions are starting to settle in.  I mean there is that airline that disappeared over Malaysia; those articles need to be analyzed and discussed.  And your mom called asking how to mail your high school mementos which launched into a discussion with some old buddies.   Everyone needs a break now and then.  And besides staying abreast of current events and maintaining strong bonds with old friends are good things.  After all you are not a robot.

Tuesday afternoon things start going to hell in a hand basket.  Your boss is needs something right away.  Actually faster than right away because her boss needs it right away.  So right away you are off course.  And once the adrenaline wears off from that fire drill you need a bit of time to unwind.  It’s only natural right.   So you head off early because the plan is to come in early Wednesday morning to get going on all the items that have not taken shape.

Needing to unwind means going out with friends, talking on the phone all night, watching Lost (again) or whatever.  And somehow when the alarm goes off early Wed morning it doesn’t mean you are bounding out of bed.  If anything you arrive at the usual time.

It’s okay because you’ve got all of Wed, Thursday and Friday to get it all done. No problem right?   And you are still reeling from all that intensity of the Tuesday drill.  It is going to take some time to get into the “zone” and start working.   Skimming through Facebook helps.  Working on your taxes.  A bit of this and a bit of that.   And next thing you know it is Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday morning you take a look at your to do list and man do you have a lot of catch up on.  You’ve got a ton of meetings in the morning as well as a conference call and a price quote you owe a customer.  Done, Done and Done.  Just like clockwork.  You’ve caught up somewhat.  Good news you still have Friday to get stuff done.   Just a peek at Twitter and TMZ (cuz you were so effen efficient this morning).

It’s Friday and there is still a lot on your plate.  And you do not want to work this weekend.  Your brain goes into overdrive and starts organizing, planning, and executing.   No one has seen a human work at such remarkable speeds.  Your first thought is to call the Guinness Book of Records but you knick that thought since it distracts from your goal of finishing your to do list.    And some how, some way you finish it all by the time Friday rolls around.

Sound familiar?   And that is why Wednesday is the day we most likely procrastinate.


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