Building the Bridge to Your Dream – Day 12017-02-01T19:04:36+00:00

Welcome to Day 1 – Building the Bridge to Your Dream

I’m excited to help you grow your business and achieve your dreams.

Leaving a safe job (even if is not lighting you up) can be scary.  I want to you to leap without the risk or stress.   And to do this I can help you build a bridge between where you are now and what you achieve.

And to start building a bridge you will need to have a vision.

Let’s get started building the bridge to your dream.

 I know, that sounds big.  And it is a question of the ages.  And often we get hung up with “What is my vision”?

I have a simple method to establish your vision so you can get moving and start creating your great work.

For Day 1 we will be using this statement to start crafting your vision:

I want to offer the world __________  and I’m thrilled everyone says that I am  ________________.

Let’s get started building your bridge.

And don’t be shy, if you have any ideas, questions, thoughts bubbling in your head, please send ’em over.    I love hearing from you.