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Why type of Entrepreneur are You?

At first blush I thought this was a somewhat unusual question since I just assumed entrepreneurs are all kind of the same.  We go off on our own, start businesses and try to change the world in some way, maybe large, maybe small.  And we want to do it our way, the rest of the [...]

Why type of Entrepreneur are You?2017-02-01T19:04:37+00:00

Change a Facebook Thumbnail with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

Whispered like gospel around the halls of those who use Word Press is the Yoast SEO plugin. While this plugin is a useful tool for managing page settings and providing guidance for the key factors currently believed to influence search engine rankings, the Yoast SEO plugin has another awesome benefit. It enables you to easily control how your [...]

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I Killed My Baby …

Don’t worry, not that kind of baby … another kind of baby. My jewelry baby, kathy lo rocks, LLC. Oh the agony & the ecstasy of leaving something behind and grabbing the ropes of another.  I have to admit, on the outside it looks smooth and easy.  When you peek under the hood it’s a [...]

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Stuck in a Job? Butterfly Trapped in a Mayonnaise Jar?

Long ago I complained to my friends, "I'm a butterfly trapped in a mayonnaise jar...." What exactly did I mean? I was referring to my work life.  At the time I was working at a prestigious company in a prestigious role.  A role that a lot of people dream of having.  In fact, I was once of those [...]

Stuck in a Job? Butterfly Trapped in a Mayonnaise Jar?2017-02-01T19:04:37+00:00

Raw and Ugly ….

Not hamburger meat, sushi or road kill … it’s your idea starting to form. And it’s ugly, really ugly. In your mind it was so utterly beautiful.  All shiny and perfect.  Everything looked great, sounded great, tasted great.   In your mind everything is perfect.  So lovingly perfect. So what happened? […]

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Where’s the Duraflame?

“…I work better under stress…” “…Nothin’ like a fire to get me going …” You’ve probably heard these thousands of times from friends, family and co-workers.   “If there is a deadline my brain clicks into overdrive and somehow I just get everything accomplished.” And the sad truth about this behavior is [...]

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Can you really Rescue Time?

You can’t rescue time lost but you might be able to better use time in the future.   I’m trying out a new app, Rescue Time. […]

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Starting the Car

Everyone says the best way to beat Procrastination is to just get started.  Once you get started there will be so much momentum that you can’t just help but finish. It sounds sooooo easy.  Just get started. […]

Starting the Car2017-02-01T19:04:37+00:00